Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting (the "Site"). Here, and below, "you" means you - the person reading this. "Milestone Legal" means Milestone Legal, P.C. a professional law corporation as well as its shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents. Milestone Legal are comitted to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy (the "Policy") informed you about what information the Site collects from visitors and how Milestone Legal treats that information.

What Information Do We Collect?

When people visit this Site, it may collect: 

(i) Personal information you knowingly provide.

      (ii) Website use information collected on an individual basis. The Site operates through commercial website design and hosting service providers (Sqaurespace and respectively). Like most service providers on the internet, the service providers used by Milestone Legal may collect your IP address, access url, time of access, browser type and referral url. Milestone Legal may have access to this information along with those commercial service providers. In addition to becoming familiar with this Privacy Policy, you may also want to review the squarespace privacy policy and the privacy policy as Milestone Legal has no control over those policies or those companies and by using this site, those companies may have access to your information.

      (iii) Browser Cookies. Browser cookies are small text documents that a website asks your browser to store. The cookies contain information about your browsing session for that particular website. If you prefer not to use cookies, most web browsers have privacy setting which allow you to restrict or eliminate cookies. 

Sharing Information With Third Parties

Except as explained above with respect to information more or less automatically collected by commercial service providers engaged by Milestone Legal to make this site possible, Milestone Legal generally does not share information collected through its Site with third parties, though we reserve the right to do so. Milestone Legal may also disclose information collected through the Site if such action complies with our ethical obligations and we believe in our sole discretion that such action is necessary to (a) comply with applicable law or legal process; (b) represent or protect our clients, our rights, our property and/or third parties under appropriate circumstances.

Security Of Email

Email is generally not recognized as a secure method of communication because it functions by passing unencrypted information through server and other communications equipment that neither you nor Milestone Legal controls. Milestone Legal cannot guarantee security or privacy of email.

This Policy Applies to this Site Only

This Policy only applies to this Site. While the Site contains links to other websites, those links are provided because we think they are informative or otherwise useful to you. That said, we cannot guarantee the privacy practices or security of those sites. You should make yourself aware of the policies and practices of every site you visit before using or visiting them. 

Questions And Suggestions?

If you have questions about this Policy, or you wish to correct information you provided to use, please contact me at