Business is unpredictable. We all try hard to compete with integrity, and treat people fairly, but sometimes disputes happen. Perhaps a counterparty failed to deliver or never paid. Maybe someone stole your IP, or has accused you of stealing theirs. No matter the situation, you have options. Milestone Legal can help you creatively solve a dispute before litigation, or we can represent you in court. You can work with us to:

  • understand your rights in the face of a threat. (For example, if you received a cease and desist, an email or phone call threatening your business, or notice of a lawsuit, we can help you evaluate the threat and advise on next steps.);

  • understand your options when you have rights to assert. (For example, if a contracting party, alleged infringer, competitor, employer or employee have done something to harm you, we can help you understand your choices and the consequences of those choices.);

  • act on your decisions efficiently and with an eye towards beneficial resolution.  Once you understand your options, we can help you assert your rights and protect your interests including advice on mediation, arbitration, civil litigation and other forms of dispute resolution.